Season 2, Episode 9: Bruce Ensinger

He taught music in the public schools of West Virginia for 38 years before finding the cultural scene of the Suncoast too good to pass up. Since moving here in 2015, he has become the piano accompanist at Sunnyside Village Retirement Community, the Sarasota Jewish Chorale, director of music ministry at St. Andrew United Church of Christ in Sarasota, performs with the Players Center for Performing Arts, is on the board of the Sarasota Ballet, attends every cultural arts performance in town, AND is the accompanist for Diversity: The Voices of Sarasota.
It is in that capacity that Bruce Ensinger talks to us today about the mission of Diversity, how singers can be a part of this "more than music" choir, and their concert plans for the 2021-2022 season.
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