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Kelly Burnette Interviews

Dance Teachers and Choreographers Pat Ross and Kelly Burnette Join the Club

July 29, 2021

Many may know them as the heart of dance instruction at the Manatee School for the Arts for the past several decades, but now Pat Ross and Kelly Burnette are teaming up to produce Kelly Burnette's one-woman show, Kelly and Friends Stepping Through Time, to be performed on Sunday, August 8 at 4:00 p…

Robyn Bell Interviews

Marty Scott, George Harrison Tribute Artist and Band Leader of the Liverpool Legends, Joins the Club

July 22, 2021

Many may not know that Louise Harrison, George Harrison's sister, lives in Sarasota and the leader and "George Harrison" of the Beatles tribute band in Branson, Missouri, the Liverpool Legends, befriended Louise many years ago. Marty Scott joins the club today to talk about his life as a tribute ba…

Robyn Bell Interviews

Dr. Jane Hoffman, Principal Flutist for the Pops Orchestra and Instructor of Flute at SCF, Joins the Club

July 15, 2021

From California to Spain to Florida's Suncoast, from swimmer to skier to flute player, from community music school director to instructor of flute at SCF to principal flutist in the Pops Orchestra, Dr. Jane Hoffman has done it all and even some things in between! Hear her unconventional journey to …

Amanda Schlachter Interviews

Christine Alexander, Sarasota's Laughter Facilitator, Joins the Club

July 8, 2021

She may have gotten her start as a founding member of Florida Studio Theatre's Improv Troupe, but that led to Christine Alexander starting her own company called Laugh to Feel Good, through which, using comedy and improvisational skills and games, she runs corporate team building and hosts comedy …

Robyn Bell Interviews

Joseph Caulkins, Conductor and Artistic Director of Key Chorale, Joins the Club

June 30, 2021

He is the recipient of the 2019 Arts Leadership Award for Artistic Achievement for Sarasota County, freelance writer and music critic, author of a new vocal pedagogy text, mountain climber, and conductor and artistic director of Sarasota's symphonic chorus, Key Chorale. Joseph Caulkins didn't get h…

Robyn Bell Interviews

Jenny Townsend, President and Owner of the Music Compound, Joins the Club

June 24, 2021

A fifth generation Sarasotan was working at the Packinghouse Cafe and Leroy Selmon's Restaurant when she noticed that area musicians needed a place to interact, engage, and learn from each other. After several years of research, a business plan was hatched and Jenny Townsend is now in her sixth yea…

Robyn Bell Interviews

Ronnie and Avis Romm, Suncoast Music Power Couple, Join the Club

June 17, 2021

He walked into Music Theory class at Juilliard on day 1, sat next to the prettiest girl in the room, and they have been making beautiful music together for the past 53 years. In Part II of the Romm Family series, Ronnie Romm, founding and former trumpet player of the Canadian Brass, and wife Avis R…

Robyn Bell Interviews

Rex Willis and Kelly Burnette, Composer and Director of the New Musical "Worthy Souls," Joins the Club

June 8, 2021

When Rex Willis' son Ryan joined some friends for a "Dumpster Diving" excursion a decade ago, Rex never knew it would lead to him composing his second musical. During the last ten years, Rex's extensive research on homelessness in our area, the real people who experience this plight, and the storie…

Robyn Bell Interviews

Suncoast Music Power Couple, Aaron Romm and Sun-Young Gemma Shin, Join the Club

June 3, 2021

Well, if your dad was one of the founding trumpet players in the Canadian Brass and your mother is one of the foremost collaborative pianists on the planet, your destiny maybe laid out for you. Oh, while you're at it, why don't you marry this brilliant violin player you went to doctoral school with…

Robyn Bell Interviews

Rick Kerby, Producing Artistic Director of the Florida Cultural Group, Joins the Club

May 20, 2021

From Kentucky, to New York City, to our beloved Florida Suncoast, Rick Kerby, Producing Artistic Director of the Florida Cultural Group, says his whole life has been a rehearsal for this job. Take a listen at how the events of 9/11 led him to take the helm of the Manatee Players and learn about the…