Season 2, Episode 30: Dan Jordan and Rachel Halvorson Join the Club

Dan Jordan has been the concertmaster for the Sarasota Orchestra for 23 years while Rachel Halvorson has been the principal violist for only two years, one and a half of which was through the pandemic!

But together, along with their colleagues violinist Christopher Takeda and cellist Natalie Helm, they share the amazing experience of performing in the Sarasota Orchestra’s String Quartet.

Hear Dan and Rachel talk about their very different life paths to the Sarasota Orchestra, the unique experiences of rehearsing and performing with the string quartet, the program selections for their upcoming concert on Sunday, December 19 at 4:00 p.m. at Holley Hall, and the importance of the Sarasota Orchestra to find a permanent home that serves everyone in our community.

You can get tickets to the December 19 performance by the Sarasota Orchestra’s String Quartet through the Sarasota Orchestra’s website:
or the Suncoast Culture Club’s website:
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