Season 2, Episode 12: Lopez Tabor Duo

Alfonso Lopez and Michelle Tabor both hail from Caracas, Venezuela. Alfonso is the concert master for the Venezuela Symphony Orchestra and Michelle lives in Tallahassee since she completed her doctorate in music theory at Florida State.
Together, they prepare programs, rehearse, and tour twice a year presenting violin and piano recitals with music ranging from traditional Western European composers, American offerings, and those of the Latin flair.
The State College of Florida is proud to host the Lopez Tabor Duo on their 2021 tour during Hispanic Heritage Month on Thursday, September 16 at 7:30 p.m. at the SCF Studio for the Performing Arts Recital Hall.
Come hear music from Italian masters, Russian composers, American icons, and Latin American classics. Tickets available at or at the door.
Hear the entire podcast at https://www.suncoastcultureclub/lopeztaborduo or on any podcast player.
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