Season 2, Episode 10: Urbanite Theatre

After 18 months of thought provoking time and pent-up creative energy , Urbanite Theatre is back with "Radiance." Committed to creating visceral, shared experiences by fearlessly lifting up the boldest new voices in theatre, Urbanite Theatre believes in inclusive, artist-first storytelling, daring honesty, and the powerful connectivity of an intimate space...and this season has all of that.
They begin their 8th season with a $300,000 fundraising initiative to assist in the move to a 5-day work week, raising of minimum wage, all actors being paid at Equity Union scale, and interns earning a decent living, all of which will bring us a better theatre experience, while ensuring actors of all backgrounds get a fair shake in the business.
Brendan Ragan and Summer Dawn Wallace share their vision of the business side of Urbanite Theatre and the excitement of producing four incredible plays this season.
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