Episode 60: Aaron Romm and Sun-Young Gemma Shin

Well, if your dad was one of the founding trumpet players in the Canadian Brass and your mother is one of the foremost collaborative pianists on the planet, your destiny maybe laid out for you. Oh, while you're at it, why don't you marry this brilliant violin player you went to doctoral school with at the University of Illinois and move to the Suncoast to make beautiful music together all the rest of your days?
Want to hear how Suncoast music power couple Dr. Aaron Romm and Dr. Sun-Young Gemma Shin got started in music, eventually met and fell in love, and now are a staple in the music communities of Bradenton and Sarasota? Tune in to Part I of the two part series on the Romm family's musical gifts to our beloved Suncoast. Truly, a family of musical royalty.
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